Let’s face it we’ve all been there, it’s bedtime we are exhausted and the kids just want to party 🤦🏼‍♀️

Here are some calming bedtime routines that may help obtaining that one way ticket to snoozy town 😴

1. DETOX BATH – This detox bath is a great way to rid the toxins in your little ones! It can help boost immunity, mood and relax their bodies. Recipe ~ 1/2 cup epsom salt & 2 tablespoons of baking soda added to a warm bath. For older kids you can add a drop of lavender oil (not too much as they’ll become slippery!). Do not use any other soaps as they are re-introducing the toxins. NOTE: the salts can dry the skin so it’s recommended to give them a rinse after the detox bath followed by a moisturising massage and lots of fluids to flush the toxins.

2. ENVIRONMENT – Create a calming environment and “quiet time” before bed. Reduce blue light exposure (TV, IPads etc), dim lights and read a book during this time.

3. SLEEP AIDS – Personally I have a lot of success with the Moshi App. It’s a free app (paid version available) with relaxation stories and meditation for kids. There are also stories to help kids that may be afraid of the dark. Be warned they are very relaxing and you may get sleepy too 🙈 Moshi: The Sleep & Mindfulness App for Kids (moshisleep.com)

4. COMFORTER – If you child is old enough (refer SIDS guidelines) introduce a comforter, a teddy or their favourite toy or blanket.

5. SLEEP MIST – Lavender room mist spray. Euky Bear have a Lavender & Chamomile room spray for little ones. Either spray lightly on linen or directly into the room.

6. MELATONIN – Serve foods with naturally high melatonin (the sleep hormone) for dinner such as kiwi fruit, fatty fish, rice and milk.

7. TEMPERATURE – Check room temperature and dress child accordingly. Children can often get hot in their sleep. If they are too hot or too cold it can often lead to them being restless and fighting sleep time.

8. ELIMINATE THE EXCUSE- If toilet trained offer water and toilet time before bed to avoid the “stalling”.

9. SLEEP CLOCK – Sleep trainer clock. You can pick these up for a great price from Kmart. The clock that glows blue and yellow. Blue indicates night time and they have to stay in their bed/room and yellow indicates it’s time to wake/get up. Check them out here Sleep Trainer Toddler Clock | Kmart

10. CUDDLES – Lots of cuddles! Cuddles release the hormone oxytocin which naturally calms the body.