Babywearing is the practice of wearing or carrying a baby in a sling or carrier.

Baby carrying can be a life saver!

It frees your hands up while baby is still close to you and feeling safe. But there are a whole lot more benefits about baby carrying you may not be aware of!

These benefits include;

Boosting the mothers oxytocin levels. Oxytocin is our mood booster hormone. It can lower the chances or postpartum depression and strengthen the bond between mother (or father if they are the ones baby wearing).


Infants who are carried are generally calmer. Their caregiver can be smelled, seen, heard and touched giving baby comfort.

It’s calming for baby. The presence of movement through walking can be soothing and a reminder of the womb.

Decreases risk of “flat head syndrome”. Flat head syndrome can happen if baby is laying on their back and has their head consistently in the same position. Having baby in the carrier and upright eliminates prolonged periods on the same flat position.

Better digestion and less chance of reflux as they are upright.

Promotes good posture. Appropriate babywearing, particularly inward-facing babywearing can be beneficial to neck muscle & hip development.

For me personally I didn’t use it much with my first but was a game changer when number 2 arrived and my first was still a young toddler and I still had free hands. 

There’s always some stigma about baby wearing too much, people saying you’ll spoil them and they’ll never want to be put down. But studies have shown children that have   been exposed to baby wearing actually establish independence earlier.

It is biologically normal for a baby to want to be close to their mothers. We are home to them! We feed them, nurture them and they feel safe with us. Why wouldn’t they want to be near? For 9 months they learnt the sounds of our tummy and our hearts. Baby wearing is a great way to allow them access to a little piece of the home they once knew.

It’s important to ensure the correct way of baby wearing is being performed.

Some tips to remember when baby wearing.

  1. Ensure the baby is not pressed into your chest and nose and mouth are clear of clothing and the carrier for ease of breathing.
  2. Chin is up and face is visible for ease of checking on baby.
  3. Knees are above bum so they are in frog leg or “M” position


Image: correct leg positioning 

The acronym T.I.C.K.S is a great one to remember when using your carrier.which stands for

Tight – you want to make sure the carrier is tight enough so your baby back isn’t slumped and arched.

In View at all times – ensure baby’s face is visible at all times. You should be able to see baby’s face by simply glancing down.

Close enough to kiss – you want to get baby as close to your chin as you can without it being uncomfortable. You should be able to easily reach their head to kiss them just by tipping your head forward.

Keep chin off chest – ensure baby’s chin is not pushed down onto their chest. There needs to be at least a fingers gap between chest and chin to allow sufficient air flow.

Supported back – by ensuring the carrier is firmly placed this will support baby and mums back.

Most importantly remember to get a good quilty carrier. We would recommend trying them on to ensure they feel right and are easy to put on and take off on your own.

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