What happens to your skin after having a baby?

There are many Mums who experience skin issues after having a baby. Lack of sleep, missed skin care routine, stress and hormones can have a huge impact on our skin. It can leave your skin feeling tight, tired, dry or even welcome back those teen zits!

Luckily there are a range of great skin care products that can help get your skin looking the best its been, even if your skin has changed since birth.

Self care is a big must when you become a mum. Its easy to always be putting your self-care routine on the back burner however we need to be feeling our best in order to give others the best of ourselves. If you are looking good, you feel good which reflects in everything you do. Motherhood can be hard and especially demanding for new mums with the late nights and early mornings all while you are still recovering from birth.

Its vital for our mental health to ensure we are still looking after ourselves. So how do you get started?

Aussie Mum and skin-care concierge, Rebecca has recognised the importance of  feeling good in your own skin. Dedicated to helping mums feel good about themselves she’s teamed up with market leading skincare company Rodan + Fields to offer mums an obligation free skin care quiz to help mums find the right products to suit them.

“I have seen with my own eyes the powerful effect of the products I offer. I always look forward to my clients results and celebrating their skin goals”, says Rebecca.

If you are ready to have beautiful glowing skin again TAKE THE SKIN QUIZ

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