Boost your kids self esteem

School has just started back for the year. For many and along with it may come anxieties about how they are going to cope with the new year.

Whether they have just started school or are back with new teachers, perhaps new kids and new challenges.

Primary and High School is tough for a lot of kids including me and as a result left before I could finish school.

From the moment I became a parent I felt myself getting anxious thinking about them growing up and going to school concerned they’d go through what I did. We are in a time where bullying happens in social media which means it’s even in our homes.

Protecting our children from being hurt is human nature, but what do we do while we are not around?

There’s an important life tool we can equip them with to help with the pressures of life, whatever they may be and that’s building their Self-Esteem!

Kids with high self-esteem are more likely to standup for themselves, cope better with teasing/bullying, not fear rejection, and be less likely to give in to peer pressure.

So how do you Boost your kids self esteem? And no it’s not about telling them they are pretty or good at football.

Here are some tips below;

  1. Make them feel loved – at any opportunity ensure they know they are cared for, safe and loved. Some kids respond better to physical affection and some respond to praise. Find what works for your child.
  2. Spend time doing what they want to do. I know it’s not always our idea of fun, but engaging with them in something that brings them joy will give them fulfilment that you enjoy their company.
  3. Let them make choices. It can be with really simple things too, but having a sense that their opinion matters will encourage empowerment. NOTE: If their choice for whatever reason doesn’t work out, remove criticism and offer positive reinforcement.
  4. Avoid belittling or name calling (such as lazy, childish, spoilt brat etc). Even at their worst we need to take a breath and walk away for a moment.
  5. Be sure to pay them compliments to others when they can overhear you. Also be mindful they may be around if you happen to be blowing off steam or making comments. I knew of a lady now in her 50s that remembers her family members making comment about how she’d put on a bit of weight (she was only very young at the time) and she was listening close by. It’s stuck with her, her entire life. Words can be so damaging even if we don’t mean them to be.
  6. Monkey see monkey do – carry yourself well if you project yourself as confident and respectful, they will follow suit 

Kids are going to go on their own journeys, make their own mistakes and memories. It is up to us as parents to give them the right tools to tackle the world but ensure we are giving them room to grow.

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