Who doesn’t love a good hack? Here are some must know hacks for babies or toddlers!

1. Make your child’s bed twice! This is a great hack for newborns and potty training toddlers! Place your mattress protector on, then your sheet, then another mattress protector and then another sheet. This way at 1am when you need to strip the bed you can take the top layer off without having to make up another bed.

2. Little one like getting their hands down there when your changing their nappy? If they are wearing a shirt lift the shirt up and tuck their arms under. For buttoned onesies pull the onesie up and button it over one shoulder holder their arms in http://seen here

3. Seen those horror pics of little ones spreading 💩 all over their room? Avoid this by putting your little one in a zip up onesie backwards. They won’t be able to reach the zip and get to their nappy.

4. Stick a plastic hook on the back of your highchair to store bibs for easy access!

5. Your little one getting too big for a baby bath but you don’t have a bathtub at home? Fill a blowup pool and place in your shower cubical.

6. Put a plastic tub of essentials in your car in case you forget something when your out and about. This can include: nappies, wet wipes, sudocream, sanitiser, teethers, flannels, dummies, disposable waste bags and sunscreen.

7. If your child wees a lot overnight put two nappies on, this should catch any over flow avoiding an accident on the sheets.

8. Going to the beach but dont want your little one eating sand? Take a fitted sheet with you. Place an item at all four corners of the sheet to spread it out. This creates a mini playpen –seen here

9. Baby sitting up but not stable enough in the bath? Sit them in a washing basket in the bath filled with some toys

10. Don’t have much room to store clothes? Use a coat hanger to hang multiple onesies on clipped upside down seen here

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