Is swaddling dangerous?

Swaddling has been practised around the world by generations of mothers. It’s believed swaddling was invented in the paleolithic period. The earliest depictions of swaddled babies are believed to be 4000 to 4500 years old.

The act of swaddling is when a newborn is wrapped snuggly within a blanket or materials for sleep or comfort.

In the modern world some believe swaddling to be beneficial to babies.  It can help babies fall asleep faster and help them stay asleep without the sudden jolt of their startle reflex waking them. Others also believe that it can create the same feeling as being in the womb creating comfort to the baby.

Many studies have also shown that swaddling can also help babies stay in the supine position which is proven to lower the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

So, can swaddling be dangerous?

Yes, it can however generally only in the circumstances the swaddle has not been done correctly.

The swaddle needs to be secure enough so it does not allow the baby to free it’s arms and risk the blanket being pulled over baby’s face.

The swaddle also needs allow movement in the babies hips. Swaddling a baby too tightly around the hips can cause hip dysplasia.

Your swaddle also needs to be a light & breathable material so that your baby does not overheat.

You should also stop using your swaddle once baby starts attempting to roll over. This will allow babies hands to be free so they can roll themselves back over and not get stuck on theirs stomachs.

Swaddling definitely has it’s benefits and can be very safe for your baby if done correctly. However if you feel overwhelmed with the “do’s & dont’s” but still long for some restful periods between feeds or ways to settle your baby there are products on the market  that make swaddling a breeze!

Experts say the best swaddles are made from breathable and antibacterial material, give the hips room to move and can be secured so the baby can’t undo and pull over their face.

We’ve done some research and found the Newborn cocoon swaddle from mamaway meets all the criteria!

These swaddles have valcro wings which means you get a perfect and secure swaddle every time!

Those 2am feeds will be a dream when you can easily get your baby back to sleep quickly.