Is Christmas a stressful time in your family? ✨

If your family is anything like mine Christmas is a little hectic! You either love it or hate it.
Read on for some of mingle mummas helpful tips for this Christmas🎄
Spending time with your loved ones in the sunshine, eating til your hearts content, presents and that magical feeling in the air…. there’s a lot to love about Christmas but the stress of present buying, battling crowded shops, organising food, rushing around all day if you have multiple family events on and the heat all combined with little ones at your toes can be a recipe for an exhausting time for everyone!

Christmas can be an expensive time of year! Especially when we are in a recession and unemployment numbers are at an all time high thanks to the pandemic!
Doing a secret Santa with a capped dollar value is a great way to still spread the Christmas cheer without breaking into the piggy bank!
So where do you even start with the shopping? Many mums are choosing to shop online this year!
Whether it’s click and collect or getting it delivered to your door, it’s a sure way to avoid the crowds! 👌🏼
There are some great discount online stores that cater for everyone in the family including loads of toys, hampers and experiences.
Groupon,Scoopon Australia, and are great places to start with discounted rates.

✨ Hosting ✨
If Christmas is at your house why not organise for everyone to bring a plate of something for all to share.
Christmas in Australia is typically hot so stick with simple salads and cold meats or a BBQ to keep costs down and create left overs for days to come.

Don’t be scared to break out the “fine China” – I’m talking paper or plastic cups and plates. There are some nice and good quality ones that are affordable and you’ll thank yourself when it comes to cleaning up!

🚗 Travel 🚗
If you have little ones try plan your travel around naps so they can rest in the car to and from. This will give you a little peace and give them a recharge ready for the next stop.
For older kids, prepare colouring in books, activities or an iPad/DVD player with their favourite movie! Be sure to pack snacks and drink bottles.

If you’re out and about all day take a large bin bag or box to put your kids gifts in that they receive. This will make it easy to take to and from the car.

And lastly enjoy yourself! Let the kids be kids and try to relax. 😊

Have a safe and Merry Christmas from mingle mumma x