Here’s a list of 25 things to do that are free (or close to)! For some ideas at how to keep your kids entertained these school holidays without breaking the bank!

1. Beach
2. Local water parks
3. Free kids Bunnings workshops
4. At home movie, grab some popcorn, lollies and some beanbags!
5. Board games/puzzles
6. Local playgrounds
7. Free local events in your area
8. Scenic bike ride or walk – local park, lake/river
9. Back yard slip n slide
10. Visit local markets
11. Home made art work using recycled goods such as cans, bottles and cardboard
12. Water ballon/water pistol battle
13. Visit library
14. Picnic in yard or local park
15. Do some baking (decorating cupcakes or gingerbread men)
16. Backyard cricket or Footy
17. Build a cubby or fort out of large boxes
18. Visit a free or donation on entry museum
19. Go fishing
20. Have a skip rope competition
21. Visit a nature park or water hole
22. Visit an orchid
23. Go strawberry/fruit picking
24. Go sight seeing
25. Take little ones on train/tram or ferry ride